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Onyx Valley Mini-Documentary

Relive the Onyx Valley User Experience (UX) Portfolio Program and see how 12 talented students were immersed in an intensive one-week bootcamp to get prepared to get in front of employers in the UX industry.

In this free one-week program, we provided students with hands-on training and guidance to get started creating a professional User Experience (UX) portfolio. These projects demonstrated the critical thinking and technical skills across a range of UX disciplines that employers look for in candidates. 

Applications for the UX Portfolio Program are now closed. Please join our mailing list to be notified about programs and events in the future.


On campus events coming soon!

We are thrilled about the response we have been receiving from students interested in learning more about User Experience. To help us spread the word and offer more activities, we have enlisted the help of three campus reps. Get to know the new campus reps and check back in to learn more about how to get involved if you are a student on their campuses.

We are creating a community



Cultivating talent

Onyx Valley invites people of color to participate in the tech industry and makes the investment in their growth to the professional level.


Making connections

Industry professionals are invited to volunteer as lecturers and facilitators, allowing them the opportunity to observe students in action and witness their talent firsthand.


My first tech industry networking event 

Read about our students' experiences in the Onyx Valley Blog

"There came a moment where after a rough year and seeing how things were trending in my life in and out of work, where I realized I had to make a change. I always knew that time was coming, but in terms of my career I needed to identify the right transition. The UX world is that transition..." 

Philadelphia startup wants to bring diverse candidates to city’s growing tech industry

Read the Onyx Valley feature story in the Philadelphia Business Journal

“There are already enough closed doors trying to get into the tech industry, so we definitely don’t want to turn someone away just because they just learned about it yesterday,” Holmes said.

What is User Experience?



We host workshops and engagement events for students to learn about careers in the tech industry. 

Students learn both technical and professional skills including, but not limited to, research study planning, graphical design, coding, prototyping, project management, and executive presenting. They learn how to use design thinking to go from defining the root of the problem to sharing viable solutions.

In addition to hands-on experience, students learn about the User Experience field by talking to professionals, viewing project demos, and visiting companies. Interactions between students and companies foster relationships and allow students to demonstrate their talent while companies begin the courtship with future top performers.