User Experience Careers

The following is a brief overview of User Experience (UX) careers. For much more in-depth information on UX roles, we suggest reviewing the career guide prepared by Nielsen Norman Group. You can download a free copy of the report from their website at this link


Project Management

Project Managers are responsible for marrying business goals with the UX process. They lead cross-functional teams composed of the other UX roles and serve as the liaison between UX and other key stakeholders. They plan and track the project's progress from beginning to end.  

Great for people who like:

  • Leading team efforts

  • Organizing and planning events

Majors with related skills:

  • Business Management

  • Economics

  • Human Resources

  • Legal Studies

  • Political Science


User Research

User Researchers help discover the needs of customers. They study people's behavior to understand what is important to their experience while using products and services. User Researchers work with the other UX roles to ensure these needs are met. 

Great for people who like:

  • Investigating problems

  • Understanding human behavior

Majors with related skills:

  • Anthropology

  • Data Science

  • Marketing

  • Psychology

  • Social Work


Interaction/User Interface (UI) Design

Designers are tasked with communicating ideas through usable products and services. They develop the look and feel of the customer's experience by iterating on concepts based on feedback and information they get from the other UX roles. Designers with a propensity for aesthetics may also focus on more of the visual design. 

Great for people who like:

  • Creating visual work
  • Explaining information

Majors with related skills:

  • Arts

  • Advertising & Public Relations

  • Film & TV 

  • Graphic Design

  • Philosophy


Content Strategy

Content Strategists work to communicate effectively with the end user. They ensure that all messaging is clear and can be interpreted as intended by making smart choices about the words, images, and data presented to the user. They maintain a consistent voice for the experience.  

Good for people who like:

  • Sharing stories

  • Editing information

Majors with related skills:

  • Communications

  • Education

  • English

  • History

  • Journalism