Introduction to Philly CHI

Mission Taqueria in downtown Philadelphia was the venue host for my first Philly CHI event.

Mission Taqueria in downtown Philadelphia was the venue host for my first Philly CHI event.

Hello, my name is J-B. I have been looking for a career change that’s challenging, fun, and would give me the ability to use my skills. I have many creative aspirations so grad school, while it was always in the back of my head, wasn’t really ever a realistic option for me. However, I’m currently in a position where while I enjoy my job, I’m not in the most stable position. I live the contractor’s life and have been doing so since 2015. I left a full time job because I felt there was no more growth at the prior company and I wanted to “take a step back in order to go forward.” This new position has allowed me to network very well despite being a contractor, but after three years, that’s not enough.

I wanted to “take a step back in order to go forward.”

There came a moment where after a rough year and seeing how things were trending in my life in and out of work, where I realized I had to make a change. I always knew that time was coming, but in terms of my career I needed to identify the right transition. The UX world is that transition. I researched the hell of out UX and found that many people with similar backgrounds successfully made the transition I’m looking to make. I believe stability is important and the UX field is surging and allows for it.

I met Kyree, the founder of Onyx Valley, via a mutual confidant due to taking advantage of the networking opportunities at the company I contract for. We met up for lunch and she was nice enough to answer a copious amount of my UX-related questions. I sat in with some members of Kyree’s UX team as they worked on a UX project involving a remote. We went to a UX Happy Hour held by PhillyCHI a few days after. It was amazing to meet people in my position along with experienced professionals who were willing to share their path and knowledge about how to navigate and carve out a niche in building a UX career. I noticed that everyone seemed to have their own story when it came to their contributions to this growing field. I was able to make great contacts who I am currently building working relationships with. I even met with one of the members of PhillyCHI over coffee.  It was fascinating to hear another point of view, another story in regards to an individual’s specific path to a career I hope to achieve success in relatively soon.

In mere months I’ve been able to sit in on a UX research session, meet other seasoned “UX’ers” at a networking event, take an introductory course, start another course, buy a mandatory book, (The Design of Everyday Things) sit in on a seminar, and learn about more upcoming events that I plan on attending. In mid-May I will be fortunate enough to take an in-depth introductory course courtesy of Onyx Valley…I  believe that this opportunity will go a long way in having me understand what I need to do in order to succeed and achieve in a rewarding field.

I know where this new direction will lead, but at the same time I don’t know exactly how I will get to my destination; I’m certainly fired up and excited to find out!


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About J-B

I prefer to be called J-B. I’m looking to begin a career in UX with a focus
in UX Research. I currently work as a Data Editor. I have an extensive writing background mostly focused in journalism and freelance. I recently wrote an article for Billy Penn. I’m also in a band named Rogue Methods. I’m heavily into pop culture,
specifically music and movies. I love all Philly sports, especially the Philadelphia Eagles and 76ers.

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